Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter must haves

Hello, guys! I still wonder how these days are so hectic… In fact, this is what happens every time before the exams period. And I am already so excited about the vacation time…

Another thing I am so excited about is spring time, including warm temperatures and especially sunny days. My remedies in the cold times are hot tea and warm outfits. Here is my must have list for this cold winter and feel free to add your items in the comments. All the pieces can be found here as you’re probably familiar with this store and it’s one of my favourites as well.

I never leave home without a hat, and these ones are definitely the ones to wear.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday rituals

Hello dear ladies! And happy Monday! Honestly, I can not imagine my Monday without checking my mail (there is always something there on Mondays), a cup of coffee (or two, or more) and some visual inspiration.
How the last thing works is I usually browse around my favorite blogs and go to my favorite online stores to check the news. This Monday’s favorite is Cocomelody, one of the best destinations for 2016 wedding dresses inspiration.
Not being a bride myself, I can still recommend this place for shopping for pieces of a wide range from evening gowns to beach wedding dresses. But even visually evening dresses are such a pleasure to see, it is just a wonderful way to switch from the hussle of a day.
Привет, девушки! И с понедельником! Если честно, я совершенно не представляю начало недели без проверки имейла, чашки кофе и обязательно времени  визуального вдохновения…
Это так приятно, отключиться от суеты рутинных дел и просмотреть любимые блоги или зайти в любимые онлайн магазинчики, присмотреть красивое платье или еще чего… И здесь важен принцип чем шикарней тем лучше!
А у вас есть особенные ритуалы в начале недели?