Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Passpot covers gift guide

Hello!! I am very happy to continue my pre X-Mas series of posts. This time it is all about passport covers. I mean, this may be a present anyone needs, as the majority have a passport :)  
I suppose, a Louis Vuitton one is a classic. One can usually ask for initials to be printed, so that the present becomes even more special... 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Magnifiscent morning

Hi pretty babes! Let me wish the best week ever for the readers from all over the world! 
Last Friday I finally had a presentation to my seminar paper. The event was hosted in the fabulous old building with a breathtaking view on the water... I could never imagine this place looks so magnifiscent at 8 a.m. And I was lucky enough to see the Stena line ship approach the shore! This was probably the magic in the air that made the atmosphere on the presentation so calm, friendly and warm... And it made my day, filling it with the memories of melanchlic mood of nature at the water. I actually think the sea always looks best in the morning.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Budget beauty gift ideas

Hello everyone! I am so happy I decided to make the category of post in my blog specifically dedicated to Christmas presents. So this time I thought about those presents that do not require high budgets, long time for ordering or could contradict someone's preferences. And the first things that comes to mind are basically beauty products.  
So contrary to the previous post, herepicked the budget type of products. So here you can find a lipgloss and nail polish in basic colors, glitter poweder for the party season and a glam eyeshadows palette. I also included the care products like hand cream and body butter... I mean, just the products any woman needs and  you can never go wrong with them.

Show your wishlist

Good Sunday morning everyone! Today I am so excited to inform you about the new fashion activity from Oasap! Christmas is coming. And it is time to show your wishlist on Oasap. And your wish can really come true. Check out all the details on OasapAnd talking about my wishlist, here it goes. By the way, I accompanied all the pieces by the links to the respective products Just in case you also have a crush on any of these pieces.