Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cyber Monday wishlist: all things femnine

Hello and happy weekend everyone! How was your Black Friday? I hope you got the best of these opportunities… Meanwhile I am getting ready for a Cyber Monday.

And to tell you the truth, there are so many amazing specials for Cyber Monday that it appears pretty hard to sort out the best edals and the best pieces. For this reason I decided to focus on the most feminine styles.

I remeber last winter wearing predominantly jeans and pants paying much attention to comfort and warmth. Now meet my best frends for this season, - dresses, skirts and all things feminine!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving outfit ideas

Hello everyone, guys! Happy Monday and… happy winter! Yes, it is officially winter time here in Germany. It is so crazy, but it started snowing yesterday… And to addition to that, it is windy and slippery. I was so happy I managed to find my gloves this morning, next steps are a winter hat and a scarf.
These days I have constant flashbacks to this time last year, dating my boyfriend and being introduced to a new culture with Thanksgiving celebration as one of the elements of American culture. Back then I could not imagine that by the next Thanksgiving we would be married andit would be a real family holiday for me…
Even thought I have some idea of Thanksgiving parties, I would be desparate about what a perfect outfit would look like. I mean, it is a traditional family gathering and I suppose a black tie type of an outfit would look too much, so the look should be pretty relaxed. At the same time I would feel wrong wearing a casual sweater and jeans, it is a holiday anyways.
I made up my mind and here are my ideas. First, a relaxed yet dressed up option. I guess, a pretty coat (this one found at Banggood) is very important and the gress looks not too glamourous.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Insta lately

Hello guys! Hope you’re doing awesome. I just  realized that I have not been posting my traditional Insta roundups for a while and today is the time for a new one.

The latest month appeared to be so hectic, as I have just moved to Hamburg. And as you know, organizing your life anew in another city can be so overwhelming. But the new scenery, new people and atmosphere definitely highlight the beauty of my favorite season of autumn...

Привет, друзья! После сумасшедшего периода переезда началось время организации жизни на новом месте и то-ли еще будет!..

Сегодня я рада поделиться последними фото моего Инстаграм, чего я не делала так давно и, признаюсь, соскучилась по таким постам...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Our special Day

Some of you remember how I shared a sneak peek on our wedding day recently here. And here are some more beautiful snaps from out special day. This week we are celebrating out 3rd month anniversary and I already feel nostalgic about this wonderful time…

Возможно вы помните как некоторое время назад постила фотографии нашей свадьбы здесь. Сегодня хотелось бы продолжить и поделиться романтикой нашего важного дня…

Shortly after the wedding our both professional lives made us end up on different continents now. And I miss my family so much… But after the rain comes a rainbow and we are expecting to reunite for Christmas (can’t wait). Fingers crossed for the miracle to happen:)

Вскоре после бракосочетания наши профессиональные дороги завели нас на разные континенты. И сказать честно, я очень скучаю по семье… И жду нашей встречи к новогодним праздникам:)