Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Choosing a dress vol. 2

Hello everyone! As you already know from the previous post that you can find here, I am on my tough way of choosing a beautiful evening dress for a beautiful wedding ceremony of a frind of mine. It will be held in the beginning of September in my home country, in Ukraine. And I am very excited about the event! But it basically mean that I should be ready with all the preparations earlier. What is more, I am in quite a mess about how to conduct it all as far as I a going to have vacations from the middle of July.

So, I decided to look through the wonderful evening gowns of my favorite online stores, that is Persunmall. They offer free fast shipping on orders exceeding the sum of 100 dollars. I can also read some reviews of the girls who earlier ordered dresses from the site. So I can tell the quality of goods and delivery services are quite high. And there is a wide range of products that are discounted right now! As you already know, I have already looked through the special occasion dresses and have picked up my favorites :) And you can look through them in the same post on the link.

And then somehow by accident I trapped into the section of mother of a bride wedding party dresses. What I was naturally expecting it would like was something in the direction of Queen Elizabeth II or Camilla Parker Bowles gowns. And imagine my surprise or should I say shock when I understood these were sexy mother of the bride dresses actually! You know what, when you are not into the glamour stuff like sequins, shiny fabrics or bright colors, you should better check out these fabulous dresses. And today I would love to show you some of the dresses that are amazingly stunning!

First, this fabulous Fantastic Satin Mermaid Strapless Neckline Mother Of The Bride Dress With Shawl, that is oh so cool! I must tell you frankly, I am a fan of mermaid shape dresses! They make completely perfect proportions and look so feminine. Especially for me who loves (and has lol) female curves, it’s a perfect way to show up my big bottom as sexy hips ahah. And I think  that is cool when you can stress the beautiful parts of body with the help of clothes, or even present them as our advantages! Going back to the dress, it is offered in a great amoung of different colors and as far as black is now a wedding color, I would choose a nude one :)

The second one is the Stylish Chiffon Sheath One Shoulder Neckline Full Length Mother Of The Bride Dress With Beading & Rhinestones & Lace Appliques Dec, that is fabulous! I love this layering on the front, and on the back the dress looks not less interesting. This beautiful shawl is just magnificent. I can imagine what happens when the wind blows! I think it would be amazingly eye-catching ahah.

This is Glamorous Stretch Charmeuse Mermaid One Shoulder Neckline Mother Of The Bride Dress, that is absolutely great. The flower decorative detail on the shoulder is almost driving me crazy – so sophisticated and chic … I think in any of the colors it will be the same stunning as in black. And I expect the stretch fabric to be just perfect for an online purchase – the size is more adjustable. I am not completely sure about the hem, that is usually not very pleasant to deal with, you know…

And here we come to the Glamorous Chiffon Sheath One Shoulder Neckline Full Length Mother Of The Bride Dress With Beading & Rhinestones & Lace Appliques D. The combination of pastel colors and blacks is something I definitely love. It makes a look very gentle and rock at the same time. And the drapery on the waist is very nice done and I love the rays coming from the waist. But again the hem makes the dress not so attractive to me. I will definitely have to cut it off and I am not sure if I have time or any opportunity for that…

The last dress, Gorgeous Tulle A-Line Bateau Neckline Floor Length Mother Of The Bride Dress With Lace Appliques could have been a perfect alternative for a cold weather. I mean if the weather is not so sunny or lovely as I am am expecting, it does make sense not to opt for strapless options, but to choose something with sleeves… But regretfully no one can predict, so I think it’s more rational to wear something not so warm and just take a jacket or a blazer to get warm. 

Thanks god I still have time to make a decision, what is more I am trying to imagine the whole look all together and it appears to be a bit more complicated…


  1. Unos vestido preciosos!!

  2. lovely dresses!!!

  3. Amazing night dresses!


  4. El primer vestido negro me ha encantado!!!
    Un beso!

  5. I'm in the same situation I have two weddings to attend soon, at one as the maid of honor. I have one dress already (a strapless knee length dress by Karen Millen in mocca color) but I guess I can't wear it twice (week after week). So I'm also looking for the other - some very elegant evening gown. I like the first dress you posted but in Poland wearing a black dress during the wedding is not well seen (apparently it brings the bride a bad luck or some other crap like that). So I'm thinking green maybe?

    Anyway, good luck with the dress!

  6. Great post, my favourite is the tulle dress!
    Laura. xx

  7. Love mermaid dresses!

  8. Muy lindos vestidos!


  9. All the dresses are so beautiful, its to hard to choise!
    Very cute selection!

  10. Wow!!!! Wonderful selection...Love all them, I think the fourth is my favourite! Very very nice...


  11. Loved your post my dear, brilliant choices of dresses, so great you made the mother's section discovery hehe! ^^ Really liked the first, fourth and fifth ones, all gorgeous dresses that I would buy! It's a difficult decision alright, I hope you're happy with your choice! <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  12. lovely and stunning

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  13. Nice dress!


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  14. Beautiful dresses!! my favorite is the Chiffon Sheath One Shoulder!! xoxo

  15. the black one! simple yet perfect!

    Oh! New post in my blog! :) blogthedreams, kisses!

  16. very nice dress
    like it

  17. Omg all of them are so adorable, my fave is Chiffon Sheath One Shoulder. I´m Now following you via bloglovin, could you follow me back?
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  18. Hola Ira, el vestido de un solo hombro me encanto. Buen post.
    Una barbie en casa
    Mas que una barbie

  19. Oh I love these dresses and I have to say that first one has my heart!

  20. Thank you for visiting, i love the dresses :)