Friday, June 28, 2013

Perfect shoes are always a tought decision

Hello every one, my dear readers! It is such an amazing day today. First and foremost I would love to thank everyone for reading my blog, following the posts and for leaving all the sweet comment. I try to read every single one and appreciate this feedback really highly. And now I am happy to state that I have got my first 1000 followers on Bloglovin! This is such an amazing news for me. Thank you guys so much! It would never be possible without you and your support! For those who have not yet followed my blog, you can do it on the link here or just following the Bloglovin link on the side bar.

I am still on my way of preparation to the exams and at the same time I have to manage the preparations for my upcoming vacations trip in two weeks. I am very excited, but still it is a little bit stressful for me. Especially dealing with the preparation to the wedding celebration in the beginning of September. I was telling you about it in my previous posts. But I still believe everything will be OK and I will have the best vacations ever!

And now let us get back to the wedding celebration. As you probably remember I was thinking about the choice of an evening dress from Persunmall. First I was choosing between vivid colors or pastels for my evening look. Then I was reviewing the elegant and less glamourous options without rhinestones or any type of glitter. And in the latest lost I was thinking about some shorter options like the ones in the style of brides maid models. And I am happy to tell I have finally chosen a final variant, that is a Chiffon long evening dress in green and blue tones.

While the dress is on my way, I am making my mind about the accessories. I am planning to choose a pair of fabulous shoes, a clutch, a pearl bracelet and probably some sapphire jewels. And now it comes to a perfect pair of shoes. Needless to say, shoes may play a really decisive role in a party look. I mean, if you wear a non comfortable pair of shoes, an evening can become a disaster! Leave alone an event like wedding, when you have to move almost all the time from the morning till the night if not till the sun rise ahaha.

So I have chosen a couple of options to decide from. First, I love these Color matching pointed toes sandals in yellow. I was actually thinking about the trendy blue and yellow combination. I think a transparent clutch or purse could have be a great option to match the look. What I am not very sure about is the material of the transparent detail. I mean, is it comfy or not really? I am afraid this plastic part can be quite of annoying… I can only hope the model is well thought through and my feet will not sweat on a sunny day :)

Another option I have thought of is the Sexy lace sandals. It is just a perfect pair for a classy evening look. And I love these babies both nude and black colors. Such an elegant and nice style. I could have matched them with a chic clutch of fabric in nude, silver or black color for the night. The only thing is that I am not much of a fan of footwear of fabric. I have had a pair of Vans chucks, but not more. I think leather or faux leather are much more preferable options, you know lol.

And finally, New simple 70 leather nude pumps. Though I am not very sure about the matching of the color of the pumps and the dress, I still love them. It is a saving pair when it comes to a long and exhausting celebration day. I can run, dance, spring or whatever when it comes to a 7 cm heel height. And what is always pleasant about the simple and classy footwear, is that you can still wear with a million of other looks!

So what do you think, guys? I am still hoping for your advice and critique? Probably I am going the wrong way and there are completely other ideas?

By the way, for those who are in the search of an evening gown, you can check out the range of lovely Persunmall evening, prom, mother of a bride and flower girl dresses. They are having sales now and have reduced the prices for a wide range of evening dresses. What is more, the shore has free international shipping that is always a pleasant bonus, you know.

So, I am hoping to find my one and only perfect evening look and I am already so excited! 


  1. nice shoes¡¡¡
    like yellow

  2. Love that dress!

  3. Aww congrats on the followers! Very exciting : ) Weddings are so much fun. I love having an excuse to buy a pretty dress and accessories. Looks like you're going to wear something gorgeous! Excited to see pics : )


  4. Congratulations on reaching 1000 Bloglovin followers. That's awesome! I love that dress. The mix of blues and greens is awesome. Good luck on your exams! You'll pick the perfect shoes.

  5. Perfect shoes don't exist... thats why we need so many of them! Lol

    Coffee Kisses, xoxo
    Lattes & Lacee

  6. Love the yellow shoes, they are so cute!

  7. die foto rechts op je site is zooo mooi!

  8. Congrats for the followers! It's so nice, isn't it? I mean, know there are people there for you and your blog.
    Well, sometimes it's really difficult to find good shoes, but I love the yellow one! Lots of love from Las Tendencias No Acaban!

  9. Del vestido solo upuedo decir que es perfecto!!! los zapatos de encaje ideales

  10. Lovely post! beautiful pointy shoes... such summer essentials!
    Kisses from Miami,

  11. Wow, congrats on the followers dear, such amazing news! <333 And congrats on making a decision about the dress as well, LOVE it, super beautiful and just perfect! <33 As for the shoes, I would personally go for the yellow ones - very stylish and on-trend + they's create a great contrast with the dress! Hugs!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  12. The first pair is very cool!


  13. i like the first one best :)

    oxx, Katrin

  14. I'd go for the yellow or the nude ones! And congrats on your first 1000 followers dear!

    XO Imke

  15. Amazing shoes ! I like it !
    And I like your blog !
    Kiss from paris

  16. oh I love the yellow heels, so nice:-)

    Have a great weekend

  17. Congrats on your blogging success! Beautiful dress... all of the shoe options are pretty, but I particularly love those nude heels. Have a great day!

  18. Lovely dress. Great shoes.. Loved them Ira :-)