Monday, September 23, 2013

When two hearts unite

Hey, guys!
I have recently come back from an amazing trip to Copenhagen and Malmoe. And I'm so excited to share my impressions with you in my next post.

And now here are some pics from the second day of the wedding of a good friend of mine, that was the most touching day ever.
I mean I could just sit and stare these two happy guys and their love was literally in the air creating some amazing magic!
By the way, the place was also quite interesting. They have a great territory of restaurants, cafes, a hotel and open air places. What is also cool, they have some domestic animals there, that was quite exciting to watch:) 
And it feels like this year is so rich in weddings, don't you feel?:)


  1. Sounds beautiful! I'm sure it was a perfect day!

  2. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of your friends wedding guests. Keep in touch

  3. Sounds so lovely, it looks like it was a beautiful day:)

  4. Great!!!
    Have a nice day!!
    Angela Donava

  5. Hola, bonita reunión de amigos !!! espero que disfrutéis del viaje.

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