Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You have to work hard for what you get

I have first read this amazing wisdom by Zooey Dechanel in one of the fashion mags. And probably it’s the exams period that made me feel some unspoken sympathy… Because these are the difficulties and life challenges that make success so precious. Because the best things come for the price of hard work and only seldom you can get them for granted:)

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  1. I love these words... so true. It's after we put the hard work that we can truely enjoy the rewards... ♥

  2. Oh, I love Zooey Dechanel! She's such a darling :) And what a lovely quote! Do you watch "New Girl"? :)


    1. Well... I watched 3 or 3,5 seasons, if I'm not mistaken... and then I read the spoilers about the fact that J. is dating Nick... I could expect it, but I see her with some other guy like that doctor:)

      And there can be someone else for Schmidt, not Cece? What? Cece is the Queen there:)