Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A week in outfits

Hello, beauties! It’s such a lovely day today and I want to share some great news with you. Last week I started my internship in Dusseldorf. The first week is over and it was so amazing! And this also means a new direction of my daily outfits… We don’t have any particular dress code and the company is quite young. So, I am currently searching for some inspo of the stylish and modern looks. And this means, no old-fashion suits and white collars.

A white blazer is definitely one of the must haves. And it looks so fabulous with almost all the formal skirts, pants and dresses. But it also matches with the casual jeans and shorts so great. This outfit of Poppy Delevigne is gorgeous.
Biker jeans, a white blazer and  the sunnies are a perfect match. Still, I am in love with the Temperley London embroidered top. And look how Poppy’s hair dress matches the outfit. The embroidery on the top and the braided hair style look so good together.

Perfect boyfriend jeans are no. 1 in my shopping list right now. I would combine them with a white printed shirt   some simple pumps and funky sunnies
Skater skirts are so amazing! The look so fun with a cartoon shirt, a neon pistol clutch and awesome flats.
I love the combination of the lace skirt, an embroidered top and modern stiletto heels. It's so feminine yet stylish and trendy.
Long live the basics! That's something that saves me in any situation. A striped dress, a basic leather coat and black boots will rescue when you don't have little time or creativity.

And here is my idea of a casual Friday. Let it rock! Leather boots, denim jacket and jeans rule. And here comes some punk touch with an awesome backpack. I actually love this trend and I think I’m going to buy some cool backpack. I remember when I finished wearing a backpack to school and started wearing a handbag. And it felt so strange. And now, about twelve years thereafter I can’t imagine myself wearing a backpack again:)

The last look was inspired by Miranda Kerr’s street style. I picked a fabulous white blazerprinted pants from Choies and a simple white shirt. The accessories are also quite basic. The aviators, stiletto heels and a suede bag make the look absolutely perfect. It’s so versatile, and fits for a business meeting, going shopping or even for a party after the working day is over…


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like the style navy striped dress. Great Proposals. Keep in touch

  2. I love a basic outfit that you can add a great statement necklace or a dressy scarf ... There are some really sweet items... especially the adorable little striped dress :)

  3. Hey,
    You´ve combined perfect looks here!
    I´ve just loved them!!!

  4. I approve ;-) everything looks super stylish!

  5. Love the first shoes!