Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ELLE USA February 2014

I have recently seen this amazing editorial picture on the pages of Elle US and it just captured my attntion. I mean, I couldn't even believe it was Zooey Dechanel... Who would ever believe that this hot chick is Jess from the New Girl... A cute baby wearing balerinas and pretty floral dresses.

Personally I love Zooey's personal style, that is very authentic, unique and relaxed. But this experiment was definitely worth making! She looks so gorgeous showing the leg in thi hot autfit. I definitely love the hot version of Zooey, even if it's a bit edgy as it is in New Girl:)

And talking about the unique personal style, you can join a great 'Show your personal style' activity. You can find more about it on the link http://www.ericdress.com/show-style.html but the rules are quite simple:
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  1. I love Zooey Dechanel! She is gorgeous! especially in this pic!! i love her style as well :) x
    - Andrea

  2. She looks great on this pic !
    Well she always looks great ! :)