Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's spring party time!

Hello everyone, guys! Congrats to spring. Finally it’s the first day of spring. And it’s time for celebration.
Personally I am going to a party tonight. And I was looking for a special outfit as far as it’s the special day when the burgundy, dark blue and total black looks can have a rest. And it’s time for light fabrics, colors and fresh spring looks.

So, let me tell about the outfits I was inspired by. The first one was inspired by the chic and beauty of Paris. Here is a wonderful dress from playing a lead role. The fabric looks really great and I love the layering effect of the skirt so much. And the combination of nude and black is absolutely great for spring. You can never go wrong with it. What is more, the style is very elegant yet versatile. You can also wear it to work, to a formal night party or to a small party at home that is always great. I decided to add a dark blazer to the look as it’s still quite cool at night in the beginning of March. As far as the dress is very chic in itself, I decided not to overload it with any other accessories but a pearl ring in flower style. And a good leather bag, an umbrella and sandals make the look finished.

Another look I was inspired by is not that business like as the first one. It is less formal yet chic. As far as you probably know, pastels are a great spring trend. And for this reason this outfit is light and pretty. Basically I took a long sleeve cocktail sparkling dress from the website. And then some chic high heel sandals and a leather bag. As for jewelry, I opted for some elegant and pretty bracelets in blue… And voila!

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  1. Very elegant looks, we prefer the second one, nice color!

  2. Nice inspiration...

  3. I love the grey silver dress and the black shirt with the black skirt is lovely too :)