Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The streets I would walk through

While I’m writing the post, I am finally getting ready to leave my temporary flat in Dusseldorf to move in a new one. I was very lucky to find some amazing place right next to my office. And I’m so excited about it:) Hope I can show you some of my favorite places in Dusseldorf in the next days:) And this time I wonder again how can it be that I have so many shoes, coats and jumpers. And it’s a challenge again how to make everything fit in a suitcase…

And while packing my bag I had some time to think of the upcoming summer vacation… There are so many destinations to visit and so many places to see. They say, the best place to travel is the one you’ve never been before. And I do have some dream destinations to visit ‘some day’…

Meet my dream destinations and tell me what is you dream ones! Don’t forget to share your traveling cravings in the comments.


#2. Santorini Island, Greece.

#3. Oslo, Norway.

#4. The Cannes, France.

#5. Iceland.

#6. California, the USA.

#7. Milano, Italy.

#8. Mount Etna, Italy.

#9. Madrid, Spain.

#10. Luxembourg.

Have a great day everybody!


  1. Fantastic pictures!!! Kisses

  2. Amazing photos! You made me want go onto the holiday ;) I'd love to visit New York too, and many other cities - Berlin, Milan, Stockholm. I'm also particularly interested in Asian countries such as Japan and Singapore - my friends showed me pictures from their trip there and it looked fascinating. When it comes to tropical places I would definitely like to visit Maledives, although organised holidays are really pricey!

    I'm glad I visited your blog.



  3. If you went to Santorini, you have to visit Mikonos too <3

  4. I love those pictures definitely places I would like to go for a walk now! by the way how adorable is your profile picture on the right!

    Much love xxx

  5. New York was also my dream destination until I finally went there last summer! :) It was amazing, but totally felt like I wasn't enough time there... Hopefully, someday I'll manage to move there!

    Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, hope you enjoyed it. See ya <33

  6. you have a great selection here. I wouldn't mind going there too :p

  7. Nice places!! :-)

  8. I'm going in a few weeks!!! Hopefully it will be a great destination :)

  9. great photos <3

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