Sunday, June 1, 2014

A weekend in Kiel

Hello, my babes! How is your weekend going? I must tell you the truth, I am feeling so sad lately… I mean, everything is fine and I am proceeding with my internship in Dusseldorf fine but there is another thing that I worry about. Since the very start back in March, I feel quite home sick. What is more, I don’t even know which home I feel sick about ahah I do miss Kiel, the city in Germany where I study. And I also miss my home city Kiev and I feel like six months staying away from home is so hard to handle. And I also miss Moscow, a city that has already become so relative to me…

So this weekend I left Dusseldorf for Kiel to keep my studying process under control and to deliver my seminar paper. This means, Monday seems to be very busy for me. This is mainly because it’s the only day working I will be in the city. On Sunday I have to get everything ready. And on Saturday I decided to take a walk along some of my favorite places in Kiel.

First, I had to pick up my parcel from Oasap that appeared to get lost or something. But first I had a chance to enjoy the amazing summer sunny weather in the city! Having a sunny and warm day in Kiel is some unbelievable luck! Yet, the wind is always there…

And as far as the post office was not far from the beautiful Schrewenpark, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to take a walk around. And the most wonderful part is… the geese of course! Some guys tried their best to make the best shoots of them:) Someone even tried to make a bbq even regardless the windy weather… 

As for my ootd, I picked my old H&M dress, a leather jacket and my favorite loafers. 

And my track was proceeding further to the most exciting part. I had an appointment to a hair dresser. Oh, finally I did it. So, this time I wanted to get some lighter color as summer is coming. And I am really happy about the result. I’m so excited to show you my new hair color the other day! 

What makes every visit to the hairdresser’s even more pleasant is the ‘care’ part when you get a head massage and you sit in a relaxing massage chair watching some pleasant videos… I even decided to probably go to SPA next weekend. At least, a swimming pool and sauna would be OK. And my greatest craving is a massage… 

Coming back to the reality, I had a good lunch and visited some shops mainly looking for the new shoes. I am desperately looking for a pair of black patent pumps on a 7-8 cm heel and I this time I couldn’t find them neither… 

So being a bit away from reality after wellness for my head, it was time to go back home. Yet, I first bought some fruit and nuts mix for dinner to make this day finish in a great way…

And after a 11 (!) hours long sleep I am ready to reorganize my wardrobe, to make my laundry and finish my seminar paper. 
So now all my thoughts are about my busy Monday and my way back to Dusseldorf. And what I can tell for sure, I’m gonna miss you, Kiel.


  1. ohhh, me ha encantado el post!! que fotos mas bonitas y sobre todo que paz!!!

    Te espero en mi blog guapa!!

  2. Lovely pictures darling. I love your jumpsuit. Kisses

  3. Hello from Spain: Kiel is a nice city. Good luck with your speech. cOURAGE! Keep in touch

  4. You look great sweety!
    And what a beautiful place! So inspiring <3
    Check out my new post if you want <3
    Love, Lima

  5. beautiful pictures :)

  6. Amazing pics love!!

  7. love your jacket and jumpsuit! you look stunning <3

    Letters To Juliet

  8. Que guapa eres y que preciosas fotos.

  9. Beautiful pictures ;)
    I hope you will feel better soon :/
    And thank you for your nice comment :)