Monday, August 11, 2014

Beauty is a decision

Hello, guys! This month seems to be something like a month of beauty for me. And here is why. First, I really manage to drink around three liters of clean water a day that is usually a big challenge for me. And I’m proud to say I manage to do it! I first thought drinking so much would be impossible as I transferred my habits from around two cups a week to drinking three liters a day. Needless to say, I feel much better now. 

Secondly, I started taking some supplements after a break of around five months. Not it’s all about Zink, but I am planning to get back to my usual A-Z vitamin complex. And probably B12 is to come.
And finally, I am getting excited about testing some more beauty products I‘ve never used before. Last week these were nose pads and urgent care cream. And this week I bought clearing cosmetic pads. And I will tell you the results the other day.

So I decided to show you my fav beauty products this summer. 

P.S. And what are your latest beauty discoveries? 


  1. Beautiful products and a lovely post:) i have discovered a product for the hair:) it protect it from the UV!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the apple scent from DKNY!
    sabina x

  3. I love that eye shadow pallet, totally my go-to.



  4. I have the same eye shadow palette. I absolutely love the colors!


  5. Awesome items, dear!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!
    I followed you on bloglovin!!
    Keep in touch!!


  6. Love all of those products especially eye shadow and the perfume.