Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My top instagrammers

I love both, the abundance of Rosie’s red carpet looks and off duty activity like sports and healthy lifestyle.

Marisa Miller has some absolutely awesome pics of her rocking her life when not living in the glam of bikini shootings.

Natalia is pure inspiration. And my fav type of her posts are the ones tagged as #delovayakolbasa showing the everyday life of a charity organization CEO.

What I admire most about Lena is probably not her style but her long legs and her fabulous house… and of course, the amazing family life. :)

I enjoy seeing the tired but proud face of Mira, I think she’s a great business woman and definitely a globetrotter. So, numerous pictures from all around the world is something I am searching for when visiting her account.

As a big fan of Gucci, I usually watch every new collection. But it’s always so interesting something beyond that, like backstage pics I’m lucky to find on Instagram.

Miranda Kerr is a unique inspiration when it come to healthy lifestyle, nutrition and sports. But what I love most are the motivating quotations that energize with positive mind setting.

When you see a green smoothie, it usually doesn’t look to tasty. But when you see Val Zelyaeva smiling eager to drink it, you realize, what if it was not so disgusting?

I have recently found an Instagram account of a vegetarian café I’ve never been to… but their pics are so yummy! And they don’t use ingredients like quinoa seeds, goji berries or acai, that is an absolute advantage for me!

And what are your fav accounts? 
By the way, mine is @irakharchenko, so let’s keep in touch:)


  1. Completely agree with you. She's amazing:)


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