Sunday, November 16, 2014

Best black friday deals on Ericdress

Oh, no! I can not believe te weekend is almost over... This is one of those situations when I would definitely prefer a weekend to Monday. 
The beginning of a semester is usually quite tough, but also entertaining. There are numerous events in the universityIncluding smster start party, Halloween celebration, parties of the faculties and now the upcoming Christmas celebrationsAnd talking fashion and outfits, it is sometimes quite challenging to pick something really suitable for every ocasion...  
I suppose, one should always keep in mind a couple of 100% suitable outfits not to worry each time about what to wear. For me, number one outfit is the unity of perfect sitting jeans and a black longsleeve. This works each time and often prevents you from looking overdressed that is sometimes also a disadvantage... 
Another option is always a dress. And here may also be a complication, as a right dress  is hard to find. So the greatest way is to go for classics. And here are some good options picked at which are really prettyAnd some other good pieces can be found at
Thanks everyone who joined the giveaway in the previous post. By the way, you can still do it.  


  1. Love the last one!

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  2. The firts dress is wonderful!!! Thanks for your visit. I like your blog, and I follow you :)