Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vintage wedding dresses

Hello again, babies! Last November I enjoyed the wonderful premiere of the Hunger games Catching Fire movie. Probably you already know, I am a fan of the trilogy. I read all the books, and even cried in the end of part three, that is so unususal for me, to get a book so deep under my skin… The movie was great, and I’ve been waiting for the beginning of the part three, Mockingjay wit h so much patience… And here it comes, in some ten days it is getting to the first part of the third book! Well, besides the realistic play I also enjoyed such a beautiful attire of the characters. The dresses I could only depict in my imagination became real on the screen. I think you all remember the stunning fire dress of Catnis on the interview before the games… 

So what I am wondering now, how could a wedding dress of Catnis Everdeen look like? I suppose, this must be something absolutely surrealistic yet with some retro touch. I suppose, the perfect idea is a vintage wedding dress. This matches perfectly with the atmosphere of the Capitol and the style of the citizens. And I have really found some nice options at

Talking about the vintage wedding dresses, it is basically all about the details. For example, like in this fancy dress. It has some beautiful details like the flowers, the sequined details.  And look at the top part, that is decorated with drapery and rhinestones.

Another idea of mine is a flawless and chic dress like this one. One may say it is too simple, but it is absolutely great. I love the red rope as the main eye catching element. And the lace part makes this vintage touch so pretty and so chic.

Or another idea would be this vintage wedding dress. I suppose, it was inspired by the character of another movie. Namely, Pretty face with Audrey Hepburn. I think you remember her character wearing a similar one for the wedding shooting and lately for her own wedding… And it was pure elegance!


  1. Gorgeous dresses!

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  2. Какие красивые платья!Очень люблю винтаж)))

  3. Gorgeous dresses, they are so pretty <3

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  4. Hello from Spain: great proposals. I like. Keep in touch

  5. That dress looks like it was made for you, and you look stunning in it! Glad you were finally able to get outfit photos taken.

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