Monday, December 1, 2014

Ericdress Cyber Monday deals

My last week was all about the seminar paper I was writing, and in the leisure moments I could do only a few things related to blog. I figured I missed online shopping a bit. It was a feeling that I kind of lost touch with some partof my daily life...  Imagine how happy I was to run into Cyber Monday promotion on I should have probably written about it earlier, but you can still find numerous amazing pieces there, just follow the link 

These pieces are so beautiful, they really have an eye for all things style and design. And also, I'd wanted to have one of these beautiful dresses 
and definitely some of the shoes on the link 

Hoping these links would appear to be useful to you, guys.


  1. I love that red hand bag!

  2. Beautiful things :) Here in Argentina I didn't want to buy on cyber monday, I don't know, we didn't have so many things.

    Kisses, Nati

  3. handbag is quite nice;-)


  4. guauuuuuuuuu, the dress is fantastic!!!!!!!