Friday, July 13, 2012

Shopping dreamz

I just adore my friends! They just presented me a gift card to Body Shop, the place I would have never visited by myself. So I hope the card will be a strong impulse to finally go buy some new make-up, not to wait for a year till it gets lost or till the usage date expires as it sometimes happens:) What I was really surprised about is the value... Not sure I've ever spent such a sum on make-up so far, but I hope it's not because they think I need as much paint as possible:))

Talking about shopping, there is one thing I'm crazy about... The Dolce & Gabbana bicycle is sooo chic. I've never thought that a bicycle could have become such a fashionable mean of transport, but numerous fashionistas on the streets of fashion capitals make me dream of a new city bike... at least in white instead of leopard print :))
I actually love cycling and if a year ago I would not even think I thought it's almost impossible to reveal the riding skills and the thoughts about changing the busses to a bike made me scared (ahahah I was literally thinking I could be injured while riding), now nothing can make me opt back for a bus... 

OMG, I have only found this Gucci beauty while writing this post and... it's just a dream... Thinking about a common-white-bike-gone-gucci-alike DIY :))

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