Saturday, October 6, 2012


I must admit, I'm an absolute fan of Gucci fragrances. 
After the first bottle of Flora by Gucci I've become obsessed:)

When I wear them, I really feel like a self confident, beautiful, sexy and elegant or whatever they say in the ads.

And now I'm thinking about buying a new fragrance and I am thinking about the Premiere.

But I can't find them in the stores - what do you say, is it awesome or not?

I just remembered the good old times in Kiew

It was a great feeling to walk arond the center during the morning or at night, when the city is so still and empty. I still can't forget these priceless moments of being tete-a-tete with the streets, parks and houses.

Some romance is always there, singing a good old song with a contemporary tune.
And when you start to sing and dance along, you see its beauty and feel its gentle atmosphere...

And I hope these memories will stay symbolic forever...

Have a good weekend everyone and take care!


  1. I didn't have any of those Gucci perfumes so I can't say anything much about their fragrances! :P

    Thanks for visiting PINKMAGALINE.COM! :))

  2. Love this post!I think your blog is gorgeous with a lot of refreshing posts, which I like!
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother? Let me know xxx

  3. You have a very lovely blog!
    I read some posts and found them really beautiful. Congratulations for your blog!

  4. I love this blog!!!!
    A great post!!

  5. then by all means you should get it! sounds like a beautiful fragrance! xo

  6. Those words are wonderful to live by for sure! And you look absolutely elegant! Very Fall chic wear. Loving it!!

  7. I have that H&M dress! I'm actually wearing it to a benefit this week! LOVE it! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours!
    Nikki at