Friday, October 12, 2012

Dreams come true, even if it's about a weekend

Oh, these crazy two days... I think I have never felt so disappointed about all the responsibility I have. Even if it's only my life and I am just a student... It's just a feeling when you stand at a crossing and can't understand in what direction to move. But it is intuition that always helps me in this situation and I hope it was a right decision. So, I had two exams two days in a row and it was haaard. And I must say, I had some kind of apathy, my mind and body needed a rehab, but the tast was to work hader. And the effect was unexpectable: I learned sooo little yesterday. Insted, the long trining in the gym and a good sleep were a remedy:) So, now I'm free from studies for sweet ten days! Today I had an amazing lunch with the guys and after a trainig a dinner at the university, and thereafter... a trainig. I seem to bacome a fitness maniac, but I hope my body will be grateful:) And tomorrow I hope to make some shopping and training, of course!
So I want to WISH EVERYONE A GOOD WEEKEND! Enjoy every moment of it:)


  1. Hey, your blog is stunning!):)
    Love your style sense!

    can we follow each other? thanks for dropping by!
    Shubhi's Revels!

  2. I used to work in a gym and I totally understand the addiction!! Good for you :)

    steph /