Friday, October 5, 2012

I am making the life more disciplined...

... and I feel so happy about it. The problem for me was that I always thought I had too little time every day and was sorry that I never had time for everything.

I must coness, I sometimes felt pitful to myself and was going from margin to margin from like meeting friends less but studying more... Or sometimes I was araid of some challenge, that was really important for my future and it caused new problems...
Even the time of rest was not organized and was too spontaneous and had no definite structure.

But the real rescue for my life appeared to be a book by a Russian autor Gleb Arkhangelskiy called Time-drive.

So now my day is organized on the ollowing priciples:
1) I have a notebook-organizer with the tasks for a day and the month
2) I always know what tasks are in priority and what are not (earlier my prioritization was much more random)
3) I am using more time usefully - like the time on my way somewhere, while waiting or even during trining...
4) I am using the time for rest more wisely and more rythmically (but still have to practice more here)
5) I have figured out my REAL aims in life and got more MOTIVATION for them!

And it definitely makes me feel more confident.

Those tasks that were being postponed from one day to another appeared to be more easy to deal with.

But! It doesn't mean I am so obsessed with time management that all I think of is time, being in a hurry or anything like that.

I still get joy from like, I enjoy every day as an opportunity to be closer to the goal, to spend time with dear people and be sure that I live the like I do want to live.

So, it means the 'proactive' way of life, like not standing aside and looking as life goes by.

And here are some pictures...

I'm obsessed with reading haha

The cover of Time drive

And this is what made me buy the book: unlike others saying "Keep your table clean" here one can find   the SCHEME how to organize the table! <3

And what do you think about Time management? Are you conscious about time and planning?