Monday, October 1, 2012

World vegetarians' day

Hi, guys!

First of all let me congratulate all the vegetarians with the world vegetarians' day!

Especially to those who not only follow the vegetarian way of life, but also inform others about the advantages of being vegetatian.

I personally eat meat and fish, but in moderate amounts and try to follow the 'post', the period of cutting off  the animal products from the diet (it's a part of my religion).

But I am glad that more and more people nowadays become conscious about the benefits of being vegetarian on the global scale.


  1. I love,looove everything here,babe!Great job!;-)

  2. I was a vegetarian at a certain time in my life. Often I think of becoming one again

  3. thanks for stopping by, happy to follow you back!
    recently created a facebook page, so pop up when you have time. and like if you like :) xx

  4. great job!!!!!! i wish i could try to be a vegetarian too~ sigh. xO!