Saturday, November 3, 2012

The greatest scars

Well, I must say I normally don't have many scars. I mean, I'm not afraid of darkness, of height or whatever. But there is a phobia I do have... I'm afraid of monuments. I think, there is an even more scary name for that and I hope I am not alone here, but it seems to me so strange...

This was a monument in Hamburg that has already been demounted (thanks God). And I must say, I would never approach it! For me these people who are there in a boat, fo instance, are extremely courage to approach her:)

And if the previous one is supposed to be disgusting, here is a completely normal installation in the centre of Krakow. I've seen a lot of children and adults entering the head ans having fun. I was just stnding aside thinking of leaving the place as soon as posssible:)

And this is a monument situated on the Square of heroes in Budapest. And this was the nearest approach of me to such a great installation... But I still didn't manage to come up to the horses as normal people do:))

But here is a type of sculptures I loove! These elephants found in Budapest or bears in Berlin or cows seen in Odessa are so adorable:) But still there is so little sense and no historical heritage in them... and that's deplorable...


  1. I dont blame you Ira....monuments like these are truly creepy but then I admire the creativity of the creators!!!


  2. totally great pics!! xo, Alma

  3. That first one would scare me too! Clever but a little too large for me!