Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Can you imagine, I was looking for a white shirt for spring and this song just came to my mind. And you know what was the next thought? Oh, right, I also need a new pair of jeans ahah I mean, because the song goes like 'Blue jeans, white shirt walked into the room...'

By the way, this song has another association for me. Last autumn my perfect evening looked like this: a workout + Lana del Rey + 50 Shades of Grey :) And of course, when I heard the beginning of the song, I imagined Christian Grey walking into the room lol

By the way, what's your fav song by Lana del Rey? :)

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  1. I falling in love with Lana del Rey, she has a great songs!! Kisses

  2. I just love this color combo...:-)