Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Instagram mania

Hello, guys! I have recently started using Instagram. And I must admit, it makes me a bit addicted... 
If you have Instagram, let's keep in touch. My ig is @irakharchenko
But today I just decided to post some of the recent pics:)

Ford Taunus is such a cute baby... <3

Berries! Yes, please!..

Finding a perfect bag is always a challenge for me... My new Calvin Klein baby is so great:)

I miss those days on vacations...

I have found these cute sandals in the Dresswe wedding shoes section on along with other Dresswe wedding accessories online there. Here's the link: and they are so amazing! I just can't wait when summer comes to wear sandals and ballerinas... 

Jardins de Thuelleries, my favorite place in Paris...

And this dress is just love at first sight! It somehow reminded me of Dior couture creastions. But this one was found among the Dresswe vindage prom dresses on
I guess, this is one of the cutest Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses... And another great find for me are the lovely dresswe cheongsam dresses. I am just amazed how many beautiful styles of them can be found on