Friday, November 14, 2014

Honeymoon on the sea coast

Happy Friday morning everyone! This week I feel like its Friday three days in a row… And here it goes. Even regardless the fact that I had a feeling it was Saturday when I woke up lol.

As you probably remember, I spent the last week of September in Egypt, more precisely, on the Sinai peninsula. The place is very picturesque, and the coast is really beautiful. So it is no surprise, it draws many tourists for shooting reasons. But what I was completely surprised at was the increasing trend of the amount of just married couples shooting on the sea shore. Indeed, the place is perfect for depicting romance, love and feelings. The only confusing thing is, they were all usually wearing the wedding gowns from the official wedding ceremony back at home.

And I was wondering what would be the perfect way to dress for a honeymoon shooting. And I have found the answer on Dressestylist. As I have figured out, there is a wide range of beach wedding dresses designed specially for the warm climate and for the perfect look for the wedding ceremony on the seaside. And it appeared to be, the style can be absolutely versatile, from short to maxi ones, from closed and similar to the traditional ones to the ones more similar to the beachwear.

Look, the short wedding dresses look so beautiful! Probably they are not suitable for the official registration in the office or even less, in the church. But talking about the beach wedding, a short dress looks absolutely appropriate. I love all the styles here, but the one with the bow took my heart, I think it is so pretty and playful at the same time.

Talking about the long beach dresses, the main factor here is how light the fabric is. I would say, light chiffon is the best option. And it always look so charming when the light parts of a dress literally fly around with the refreshing breeze of the sea… The only thing I would probably refuse, is the extra long lower part of the dress not to gather all the sand on the beach in there and to simply make it flexible enough to move around.


  1. beautiful wedding dresses. How are you?
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Очаровательные платья. Хорошая подборка!

  3. These dresses are absolutly gorgeous!
    Have a great week end

  4. Amazing dresses! So glamourous! Thank you for your comment Miss!

  5. Lovely dresses! X

  6. Gorgeous dresses, they look lovely!