Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday break

Sweater from Oasap (find similar here)

Hello again! I think all of us have some snaps one has in a phone that were basically a capture of some beautiful moment. And everything those snaps do is just hang there. But in the end of the day they can not be deleted as well as they are those dear memories…

So these pictures are basically the ones from this category. I can not delete them but keeping them is not an option. I mean, autumn is my favorite season, and it is full of beautiful moments Nature is so rich in wonderful colors of orange, red and brown. And there is also something in the air one can not even capture… The only disadvantage it has is that these are only three months that fade away so fast. So let me keep this autumn in small details, my beautiful November…

When the leaves fall down and the year goes to an end, let it be a good beginning for the new year, the new snaps:)


  1. What a pretty tree!

  2. Great flowers and amazing sweater.


  3. Beautiful pics. Love the cute sweater!


  4. Lovely sweater!

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