Saturday, November 8, 2014

Oh my hair

First of all I’d like to say hello, guys! And secondly, thanks god it is Friday! Hope you are doing fine. Because I feel a bit exhausted after a long week of classes. And anyway Friday evening is so special, because you feel like it is time to relax for the whole week! The first thing I usually want to do is to escape from the lecture room and go to the cinema, or go for a walk around the city, or just go shopping. But what I usually do is going home as this is the right place to relax.

 And this night I have had the great fellows, namely a cup of mint tea and that is an online store for hair extensions, wigs and other beauty products for hair. How did I get there? Well, these days I am so obsessed with the beautiful thick and healthy long hair!.. What is more, seeing everyday international students from China in our group make me envy even more. I have no idea how they have naturally thick and long hair.

But it was where I have found such a great variety of hair extensions! They have literally any styles and colors of human hair wigs and hair extensions. What is even more amazing, the prices are not so high, especially on the cyber Monday wig sales.

So talking about my finds, are definitely 2014 black Fridayhair extensions with such a great choice of colors and styles from short to extra long, from straight to super curly. My choice is the two tone blonde straight hair extension set. It looks absolutely naturally. I suppose, natural healthy look is essential talking about hair extensions. It is quite important that the wig or hair extensions give this impression that this is your hair, but not artificial… I am not yet sure if I am ready to use the clip ins. I mean, I am still not confident if others see these clip ins when wearing and if it is really comfortable to use them. So what about you, ladies? Have you already had any experience of wearing hair extensions or wigs? What are your pros and cons, is it really comfortable for you?


  1. Amazing extension i would like to try them!


  2. Wow! This looks so amazing, I've never used them but I always wanted to try! :D