Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tidestore Cyber Monday Sales

Ciao, pretty babesYou have probably read about from my previous posts. Or maybe you already had an experience of shopping therePersonally I love this online store. What is more, these guys often have new arrivals with the trendy stuff. 
What is even more pleasant, they constantly have some nice promotions. Last time I told you about the Black Friday promotion campaign. And this time I want to introduce the Cyber Monday activity that is also very cool!  Check it out on the link:
So I at once chose my favorites. First, this is a monchrome jacket, creatingstunning look whatever you mix it with. Here you see it with jeans, but I would also warit with a bodycon or an A-line dress. It would also look fabulous together with classy pants or just a skirt. I mean, the variety doesn't know limits and you automatically get an elegant outfit.. 

Another piece I chose is a little black dress! I think it is impossible to get enough of this type of dresses. You can wearit forparty, a diner with friends or familyor for a weekend promenade. Imagine this dress with a jacket, a cardigan, a kimono or a blazer. And here we go, a perfect outfit for the office is ready...
Tell me how you like these pieces, guys:) 


  1. love the dress

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  2. These are wonderful, thanks for sharing doll...I hope you have a gorgeous weekend :) xx

  3. Chic jacket :) M&MFASHIONBITES