Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tidestore outwears 
Hello, guys! I hope you are doing well. Another weekend started and I realized, it is officially winter in some two weeks! It is really hard to believe it is true. First, it is because autumn is my favorite season and I do not want to let it go… And secondly, the time is flying so fast, and there is still so much to finish this month. 
What I am really happy about is the stability of weather here in Germany. I mean, temperature holds on the level of around eleven degrees for some two months or even more. And this means, I can wear all my favorite autumn coats. And I do not want to deviate from that. Winter is not such a fashionable season anyway.

Still, I would never resist some of these beautiful coats.  Honestly, I sometimes miss wearing a fur coat as it is not appropriate for the weather here in Germany. But a lighter versuion like this nice coat matches absolutely great. Check it out on the 
Even more am I craving for the long feminine coat that looks so chic. This one for instance was found on You may call me crazy, but I think the bright colors look so good in wonter. Regardless the fact that black, grey and dark blue are traditional colors for winter outwear, I prefer bright colors for coats. Let winter be colorful and full of fun! So, I am completely in love with this pretty coat found at 


  1. I have that coat in olive!

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  2. Ora ge coat is fantastic!


  3. Love that orange coat!

  4. The coats look beautiful! Perfect for the freezing Canadian Winters!