Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lip Balm Favorites

Hello my pretty ladies! I cannot believe it is already May and spring is coming to an end but I am really excited about this summer! It looks like it will be amazing.

The only thing that I feel like every summer my skin needs a better care than any other season. I always make sure that I wear sunscreen lotion or a foundation with SPF factor. It is really important that the skin is not too much exposed to the sunlight and is well protected.

And there is another summer must have that I have with me all the time. And it is definitely my lip balm. After having tested tons of different brands both in Europe and in the US I’ve developed a crush on eos lip balm.

I remember how my girlfriends in the middle school got their first lipglosses and mascaras. But I managed to convince my mum to get me a lip balm that looked  almost like lipstick and I felt so great and so adult doing my ‘makeup’. It was definitely the best feeling to have my first makeup product!

But now that I have tons of my real lipsticks I feel like my lip balm should be so much more special. And this is when I got my first eos balm and since I used I got addicted to this stylish round look. I particularly love it how eos lip balms come in so many different flavors…

And the best part is the variety of colors! I love mine in red and pink but they have the full spectrum of these babies, including some melange tones. And like I already mentioned, the product is really great.

It hydrates your lips and protects them. It gives this incredible soft feeling which is hard to put to words. You should definitely try and experience it...


  1. Love these lip balms. Packaging is amazing!


  2. Wonderful post, It look so interesting and sweet.
    Like it a lot! I love lip balm.

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  3. It looks so sweet :) Great post! Greetings!

  4. These look so good! I've heard such a hype about these, but never tried them! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  5. this looks so cool :))

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  6. I love those things! So handy and fruity! Baroness Susan Greenfield

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